The future of Open Source
     collaboration and funding.

A Brave New Economy

Incentivized Open Source Collaboration

Octobay is a collaboration platform connecting contributors with open source projects. Active contributors are rewarded with Bounties for their accepted submissions.

Creating the Ecosystem of Contribution

Borderless Economy

By securing the connection between contributors and projects, Octobay is creating an open-source marketplace for development.

Choose only work and projects that interests you. Contribute to a better tomorrow.

Innovative Marketplace to Outsource Tasks

Create Bounties

Octobay continues to expand on the distributed trust model by collateralizing bounties for open source projects hosted on Github.

Each reward is stored in a smart contract to act as a middleman between the customer and the developer.

Innovative Marketplace to Outsource Tasks

Claim Bounties

Contributors can claim their reward without additional consense from the maintainer.

Leveraging the power of the Blockchain, Octobay securely transfers payments between projects and contributors - nearly-instant.